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about is a technology company solving identity problems
for businesses and individuals in Nigeria through verification. is a web platform that allows companies and individuals to verify information or data to aid their decision making, build records and enable access to basic services.

Employee verification, Tenant verification, Property verification, Certificate verification and Company verification

Employee verification is divided into two categories

  • Corporate employee
  • Domestic/non-corporate employee

Corporate employee verification depends on what the company’s priorities are, however, the following are within the scope of services that can be verified:

  • Residential address, Previous work address, Guarantor’s consent, Guarantor’s work, Guarantor’s residential address.
  • A more comprehensive package which includes all of the above, plus certificate verification.

Domestic employee verification will typically include the following:

  • A record of the family background/History including State of origin, LGA, Town, Village, Parents Biodata, Siblings biodata, Landmarks, Previous work, current residential address, Guarantors’ work and Guarantor’s residential address.

Tenant’s verification is the service rendered to individual home owners/ Landlord or the real estate companies who desire to know more about the tenant they intend to lease their houses to.

A standard tenant verification will include:

  • Current Address (where the tenant resides) verification, Rental History record, Proof of work/ business, landlord’s feedback, Guarantor’s consent to meet financial obligation, Guarantor’s residential address, Guarantor’s work address, Confirmation of Spouse’s proof of work.

Property verification is a service provided to verify and establish the ownership, root of title of any land or house. It is a foundational search before a land or property is purchased to determine how free the property is from any known encumbrance or form of legal mortgage or lien. Verification of properties is usually done with the regulatory bodies.

This is a category of verification reserved for those that wish to validate certificates from the following areas.
The certificates that can verified includes:

  • Birth certificate, Marriage certificate, university certificate, other academic institution, Professional certificates, NYSC certificates etc.

Company verification covers the scope of any existing and registered business or company in Nigeria.
A search report will include the following:

  • Name of the company, registered address, Object clause or nature of business, directorship, shareholding, secretariat, share capital and post incorporation endorsements.

Currently, we cover all verifications within the entire 36 states of Nigeria.

A typical verification takes between 1-5 working days depending on the type of verification requested for.