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Tenant Verification

We guarantee that our efficient services and Tenant verification solution ensure Landlords, property managers, real estate brokers and agents protect their rental income and minimize exposure to high-risk tenants.

  • Rental history
  • Previous residential address
  • Proof of work (for tenant and spouse if applicable)
  • Landlord’s recommendation
  • Guarantor’s consent
  • Guarantor’s work address
  • Guarantor’s residential address

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Experience Freedom and Security

Join over 500+ brands and individuals who use iVerify™ for Employee Verification, Company Verification, Tenant Verification, Certificate Verificate and Property Verification to access millions of information.

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Trusted by over 500+ of the Nigeria’s leading companies

“I was completely blown away with their services. They helped protect us from hiring a driver with track record of child molestation.”

Oyinpreye Aigbogun Epicure Insurance Brokers

“We've had issues with employee theft in our retail brand, when iVerify™ came onboard, we embraced pre-employement verification and theft became history.”

Tinuola Akinlonu Baykins Pharmacy

“Traders of Africa has benefited a lot from the services of iVerify™. From employee verification to suppliers and buyers due diligence...”

Erhun Abbe Traders of Africa