Verification made easy

Our document verification and real-time technology allows you to verify data anytime anywhere.

Our Services

Our services are not limited to the following but its a great place to start.

Company Verification

Do you want to verify the status of any company in Nigeria? Are you considering a joint venture or partnership in Nigeria? Trust Iverify with your credible company verification request.

Employee Verification

Who is your employee? How much do you know your employee? Are you a recruiter or an employer? At iverify we provide detailed background checks & services upon request

Tenant / Rent History Verification

Are you a landlord, property owner or a real estate manager? With our credible rental database, we provide reliable background details of all prospective tenants.

Certificate / Document Verification

At iverify we validate the authenticity of all academic certificates, transcripts, birth certificate, marriage certificate, death certificate etc.

Property Verification

Thinking of property investments in Nigeria? what Is the root of title to that investment? Is it encumbered or not? Is it gazetted or not? Is it free from government acquisition? you click and we verify.

Family Research

Do you seek to know more about your origin, biological parents and families ties to Nigeria. With just a click we will trace your family tree with

Choose Pricing Plan

Our services are not limited to the following but its a great place to start

Basic Plan

Price Starts at

5,000 NGN

Company verification

Corporate employee (Lagos)

Domestic staff check

Tenants screening

Guarantors screening

Standard Plan

Price Starts at

10,000 NGN

Corporate employee (outside lagos)

Domestic staff (outside lagos)

All certificate verification

Premium Plan

Price Starts at

25,000 NGN

Property verification and records

Corporate employee (foreign)

Certificate verification (foreign)

Family Tree Tracing

Becoming a verification agent.