July 28, 2023
Empowering Change: A Collective Effort to Combat Identity Fraud
Empowering Change: A Collective Effort to Combat Identity Fraud

"In a male-dominated industry, Zita said that she embraced her femininity as a strength, shattering gender stereotypes along the way."

This definitely struck a chord in me.

Recently, our CEO, Zita Agwunobi, had the honor of being featured in the prestigious Guardian Newspapers.

In this article, she passionately called for united efforts to tackle the pressing issue of digital identity security.

This resonated deeply with me, as the implications of identity mix, fraud, and document forgery can be far-reaching, not only affecting businesses but also posing risks to individuals' privacy and security.

The call to action is not limited to a single company or industry.

It is a shared responsibility that transcends boundaries. As individuals and as organizations, we must come together, pooling our expertise, resources, and dedication to safeguarding digital identities.

By collaborating with government bodies, tech innovators, and cybersecurity experts, we can create a more robust and secure digital ecosystem.

You can read the complete feature article by following this link: [].


Let us stand together, hand in hand, as a united force against identity fraud and deception. Together, we can forge a safer digital landscape, where trust is restored.